Recent Projects

Surrey Quays - Bathroom Renovation

“Bathroom design has come a long way in the last few decades. The choice of tub, sink, and toilet is almost limitless. Whether you like glamorous or minimalist, bright boudoir or sleek sanctuary, there is something out there for everyone.”

Balham - Flooring

” The type of flooring you choose can make all the difference to how a room is experienced. Whatever your preference, we can help you reach your floor goals in record time. “

Stoke Newington - Splashback

“Beautifully laid Hexagon mosaic tiles could really make it stand out, while still being easy to clean. Getting a new kitchen splashback is a great idea not just for getting a new look to your kitchen and dining room, but also to protect the walls behind the tiles.”

Essex - Exterior refurbishment

” New quarry tiles at the entrance give a totally new look to the property. Our efficient team will make your home look noticeably refreshed in the shortest possible time. 

Rotherhithe - Kitchen Renovation

“They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it makes sense that it’s the most popular room for renovation. Whether you need a kitchenet that blends in seamlessly with your living space or a statement room that serves as spacious homework hub, elegant dinner party salon AND cosy cookery den – SOS Buildings UK would be delighted to help you make your interior dreams come true. “

Hackney - Interior Refurbishment

“One of the simplest ways to give your home a lift is by changing the wall colours. Our expert team will take care of everything, from finding the perfect colour palette and sourcing the best quality paint to protecting your furniture and making sure every brush stroke is perfect.”

Stamford Hill - Victorian Tiling

“Deciding to renovate your front path can be an exciting time. It gives you an excuse to leaf though piles of design magazines and spend hours shopping for the perfect Victorian tiles. The huge choice of tiles, grout, and edging is endless.”

Clapham - Bathroom Refurbishment

“The bathroom is used by every member of the household, not to mention guests and relatives. Yet because we tend to see it as a necessity, bathrooms can sometimes be overlooked in one’s quest for beautiful interiors. And considering we spend an average of 183 hours a year in the bathroom, it’s worth making it a place you truly enjoy.”

Surrey Quays - Bespoke shed

“Wouldn’t it be nice if all your bits and bobs had their own designated space? Or you looking for an extra space created for your home office? A bespoke shed, summerhouse, garden office, cupboards, wardrobes or shelves can provide just that, while making the most of the unique shape of your home. Our bespoke storage service is much more financially accessible than you may think.”